Get inspired and create your own furniture
What are your kitchen routines in the morning? Do you take your time to prepare a healthy breakfast or do you get by on a quick cup of coffee and a bite? Whichever it is, we'd want you to start off your day in a beautiful kitchen!

It is said that we first shape the space around us, and then it shapes us. We hope that our kitchens will inspire you to linger a bit longer, cooking up something delicious, even when you are pressed for time. Case in point - kitchen from our Frame Collection, with top cabinets in Signal White and lower cabinets in Silver Grey.
Bedroom is your shelter. You come here to feel safe. To take a break. To relax after a long busy day. It is very important that the items in your bedroom, such as furniture, textiles, art and accessories, create an atmosphere of calm and serenity.

Just take a look at this sapphire blue sideboard from the Basic collection. Its smooth fronts, simple lines and deep color make the space full of peace.
It may seem like having a Wet Bar at home is a luxury, but on a Friday night, after a busy week, it may feel like necessity.

Just imagine yourself kicking back in your library, with your favourite Hemingway book in one hand, and his signature daiquiri in another, all without a need to run to the main kitchen every time you need a refill.